Do you own a supercar? Love to use it? Then you should join one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet – Gran Turismo

Life’s too short to not being part of all this

The company was founded already in 2004. Today, they have 4 800 drivers all over the world actively joining their events. To join an event you need to own a supercar.

Every year Gran Turismo hosts 12-14 events. Some are track driving, like their exclusive and very popular days on Nurburgring or Spa-Francorchamps. Some are road trips, like their Alpine tour, or their annual road trip on the Italian Riviera or in Tuscany.

Every year, about 1 200 supercar owners joins any of their events, making Gran Turismo one of the most important event organisers in this particular niche – in the world.

The founder is Peter Ternström. A humble down-to-earth guy from Sweden.

We are happy to give you a sneak peek at Peter’s story and if you want to know more about Granturismo Events don’t forget to check out the official site:

Who are you Peter Ternström?

Hi! I am a 44 year old super car enthusiast from Sweden. I have had the great privilege to work in the super car industry for almost 20 years now. I write in magazines, make videos (take a look at his skills in the video at the top) and write books. Most of all I organise events for supercar owners from all over the world – both driving on tracks and road trips in the most beautiful country in the world – Italy.

Besides cars, my passion is airplanes. I have a private pilots license and fly as much as I can. My home airport is Lucca. Fact that might surprise you: I speak Polish. I grew up partly in Poland. Fantastic country!

What a car enthusiast is for you?

One that loves cars. He does not need to have a Ferrari in his garage.

Aliens just landed on Earth, you must explain to them what Gran Turismo is before they start to destroy the planet, try to be convincing.

Oh god! Please don’t murder us! Look what we got! * proceeds by showing them a Ferrari 288 GTO and a bowl of Tagliatelle Ragu. And a bottle of Bolgheri from 2015 * After they have seen all that beauty, I am sure they will let us live.

Write books you say?

Yes. I have a column in auto motor & sport. I have also published a book. It was released before Christmas in Sweden. It is called Gran Turismo – a drivers guide to Italy. It is a guidebook to the most beautiful country in the world. The best roads, hotels and places to visit. It also gives the reader a crash course on how not to look like a total tourist. Things like not eating spaghetti with a fork and spoon, and how much to tip in a restaurant. I love Italy.

During your childhood have you aver imagined anything like this, as life’s “work”

No. My dream was to become an architect. You see, I grew up playing with Lego. Sometimes, I still do, but please don’t tell anyone. The last kit I built was the Porsche GT3. When I can afford, I will buy the Bugatti set and build at night when no one is watching. My girlfriend thinks I am a bit strange.

The best car in your consideration and why of course?

There are many “best” cars in the world. My favourite is the Mitsubishi Evo 6 TME. Number two is the Lotus Exige S (V6). It is also brilliant. All Ferrari and Lamborghini are, of course also on that list. I am also completely in love with the Fiat 126. I have three in my collection. The red one is from 1999(!) and in mint condition. I use it as my daily driver.

Your favourite driving road

My favourite road in Italy is the road between La Spezia to Cinque Terre. Litoranea road I believe it is called – SP370. I have driven there hundreds of times. Magic! This road is in my book about Italy that was published in Sweden before Christmas.

Want to join Gran Turismo?

You are more than welcome. All you need is a supercar in your garage and an adventurous spirit. To see the event calendar, please go to There you will also find information on how to join.

Even better, you can follow Peter here: